3 Simple Easy Ways On How To Find A Dropship Suppliers

Are you finding hard on how and where to find a trusted wholesaler supplier for your drop shipping business?

This is the crucial part of the dropshipping business, to build a successful and profitable drop shipping business it is important to find the legit suppliers and get approved.

Aliexpress or Wholesale Supplier Who is better?

What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is an e-commerce platform full of Online Chinese marketplace made up for small business in China offering products to International online buyers. Aliexpress has a mix and match of a low ticket and high ticket products for you to get started.



  • Products in Aliexpress are cheap and you can dropship.
  • Aliexpress has got tons of unique products for you to sell Online and make profits.


  • Delay in delivery – While Aliexpress uses epacket which is the most reliable delivery option still epacket is available to very minimal countries and if you want to retail or sell across the globe you might face delivery issues which in turn eat your profits and business.
  • Reliability – While Aliexpress is not a true dropshipper there are many suppliers who are individuals resells products, so you may not hear from them it’s wise doing the evaluation of supplier and working with them is at our own risk.
  • Return policy– It will be a big hassle if your customer returns as their return policy are something which you would not like it.

Having cons doesn’t mean Aliexpress is Bad if you have a reliable supplier and if you build a good relationship with them then you are good to go.

Let me show you how to evaluate Aliexpress suppliers in few simple steps.

Step 1:-

Head over to Aliexpress and create an account it’s simple and free.


Once you are on the homepage, search for the product you are looking for, It will show up tons of products.


Step 2:-

Now click on Orders, It is best to consider a supplier with maximum orders. A supplier with the Maximum order would have worked with a lot of resellers and reliable.


Step 3:-

Now that you have done your first evaluation, now move on and see if the supplier is Top Brand or 3+Diamond rating.


While Aliexpress claims that they are monitoring the service level of the supplier, But I feel they are evaluating based on customer rating.

Step 4:-

Open up a product and look for supplier rating and feedback, Check the one with maximum feedback and see if someone has shared the product with pictures.


Step 5:-

Now head over to Shipping and Payments and select the country you want the supplier to ship the product,

You need to check if the supplier ships through epacket as other shipping methods might not be assured that your customer might receive the product.


If not epacket then it is a high risk for you to move forward as your customer is not going to wait for too long.

It is a best practice that you always contact the supplier by phone or email as they are individuals just like you and me who would want to work with us.

Although Aliexpress is good for you to start and dropship products, If you are looking to build a sustainable dropshipping business, then I recommend you to start with Dropshipping with Aliexpress and work on finding a reliable dropship supplier to work with.

Now that you have learned how to search suppliers in Ali-express, let’s talk about wholesale suppliers and how to find them.

Who are Wholesale Suppliers?

Wholesale suppliers are one who is the manufacturer or product owners of the product who are reliable to work,

There are tons and tons of supplier for every niche on the market who are ready to start working with you, All you need is to find a legit and trusted supplier and getting approved.

Understanding suppliers and their types will avoid pitfall and scams, Evaluate and select the one works best for your dropshipping business.

Types of Suppliers

  • Easy Apply supplier 

I don’t find an exact term to explain this type of suppliers, these suppliers are easy to find and their approval process is easy and mostly they will approve you. However, since they are easy to find they don’t have a Minimum Advertising Price policy in place which in turn will put in a heavy competition.

And here’s how to find one.

Head over to google and search for your niche + dropshippers and you will find a ton of dropshippers.


Open up a link and check if you find a wholesale or Dropship application, Go ahead fill and submit the form and they will approve you.


Once approved they will give access to the product images, descriptions where you can upload it to your website.

The only disadvantage with this kind of supplier are since they allow and accept almost anyone and they don’t have a M.A.P policy(will explain below) you will end up having a horrible profit margin.

  • Private label Suppliers 

 If you decide to build a product with your own brand and have a complete control over pricing then these are the suppliers you have to work with. 

A private label suppliers or a white label supplier are the ones who have the product done for you ready, All you need to do is design up your brand logo and other labels where you want your brand to be embossed and upload it to your e-commerce store and sell it.

While this required some investment you will have a lot of control over your brand and profits. The best source to find a white label suppliers is on SaleHoo go ahead and give it a try.

  • M.A.P (Minimum Advertising Price Policy Suppliers) 

I recommend you to research this kind of suppliers as with these suppliers you have to sign a M.A.P contract and once approved you can only sell their product, not above their Minimum advertising price contracts. Which will give you a complete control of your profits? Also, they will give you a complete access to their products images for your to upload.

To get approved first you need the business setup ready if you don’t have one or not sure how to get one I encourage you to go ahead and read on How to start a Dropship business from scratch.

These suppliers are very reliable and they always want to talk to you and do business.

Here’s how you find a M.A.P Supplier.

By now you might be familiar with Google Shopping, head over to Google Shopping and search a product if you don’t know what I am talking about then go ahead and read on How to find a Niche Product where I have explained on how to document your direct competitors and suppliers.

While searching for the product you should consider the price is above $200 and is not sold in more than 20+ stores.


(P.s-In some countries google shopping might be blogged and Google make it hard, You to use a proxy online or a free VPN)

If you look at the below example you’ll find the product is sold in six different stores and the prices are almost same.


A M.A.P supplier would want you to stick to a minimum advertising price policy and violating this will void your contract with them.

Now that you can confirm that it is coming from a M.A.P Supplier.

Search for the supplier name in google, Once you find the supplier find out the dropship account signup or contact them directly and ask them if they dropship and the approval process.


Upon approval, your M.A.P supplier will give you access to product images and Retail price for you to start uploading to your online store.

When I first started I felt hesitant to pick up the phone and talk to someone, I agree it happens, One way to fix this is to hire a freelancer from Upwork who can do the research and calling for you, All you need to do is to create a standard operating procedure and educate him to do the work for you.

A quick overview of Salehoo?

E-commerce journey does require a lot of time and money, If you want to compete in the market and build a sustainable business Online then Salehoo is the one where you should be a member.

Being a user of Salehoo I have tested, contacted suppliers and found most of them are legit.

Why Salehoo?

  • Salehoo has got over 8k+ verified suppliers for any niche you want to get into, they have a mix and match of all the above with 150 supplier categories.
  • With Salehoo you can gain access to hottest and best selling products also they have a support team who can answer your emails and queries.
  • Salehoo has got one of the largest Wholesale and Online seller forums.
  • As a beginner, I would recommend you to go ahead and signup for a Salehoo membership and find your supplier if you find hard to research suppliers.

If you want to avoid scam and find a legit dropshipping supplier you can try out these three steps.

  • Research your own and walk through the process I have explained step by step.
  • Hire a freelance on upwork or any freelancing platform-create a Standard Operating Procedure and tell your freelancer what he or she has to do. (or) 
  • If you want to fast track your process and focus on building your ecom business then I would recommend you to go ahead and try Salehoo for a 60days money back guarantee.


Finding an e-commerce dropshipping supplier was not a difficult task if you follow the walk-through you will find legit suppliers which no one have ever discovered.

Always find a reliable M.A.P supplier who keeps the process clear and transparent.

First-Go ahead and Setup your legal and business documents- Read more if you don’t know how to set up one.

Second– Choose a find a great profitable niche product- Read more to find a profitable Niche.

Finally– Find M.A.P suppliers who are reliable to work with.

With the right knowledge, you can achieve great success. Give the above process a shot and let me know your thoughts on where you are stand.

What do you think about the process, was there something to add?

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