How To Create A Custom Email Address Quick And Easy

Email is used widely as an effective way of communication.

It is considered as one of the leading marketing tools for building connections with your customers and increase conversion in the business world.

Its a great way of exchanging communication at a high efficiency.

You might be wondering,

Do I really need a custom email id, let me ask you a question here.

When is the last time you bought a product or service from a company which sends you a promotional or a product offering email from Gmail or Yahoo? I am sure you won’t because that builds a credibility and authority stating that it’s coming from a legit business.

But, how do you get a custom email address for your business? Having a custom email seems like a tiny information but when you look into the large picture of branding it certainly gives you a lot of benefits.

Having a custom email will make you stand out from your competitors, no matter you are a blogger or a business owner. It also makes your brand memorable.

Let’s learn how to Create a Custom Email Address?

One way to get a free email account is through your Domain registrar or your hosting provider.


I would highly recommend you to get keep your email communication separate as if you are planning to move your site to a new hosting you need to back your complete site and emails to the new hosting which is a big hassle if you are not sure how to do it.

One main advantage of keeping the email provider separate from your hosting provider is when moving your site you still have the communication without having any break.

Here are few things you need to consider when choosing an email service provider.

-Reasonable Storage.

-Great Technical support.

-A price that you can afford.

Having tried several email service provider I highly recommend you to go with G suite if you can afford or with Zoho mail(free).

But first get a domain and build a website with WordPress, as WordPress is the open source platform which gives you complete control of your website. if you don’t know here’s the link on how to build one.

Next get a hosting from a reliable hosting provider, I recommend Siteground as they have a dedicated hosting for WordPress also they provide optimized site speed which is an SEO factor and 99% uptime with a great customer and tech support. 

Go ahead and give Siteground a Try.

Once you have your Domain and hosting Get G suite or Zoho mail while G suite has stopped giving a free custom email address but still the price is as low as $5 per user and its a great option.

Zoho Mail is another email provider which I find it more reliable. While their plans are not too costly. Still a free account restricted to a single domain and gives you to add 25 users to 5 GB storage.

Why is G Suite best for your Business?

One reason to try G suite is the setup process is easy and has a lot of features. You can start off with a single user and add more users if you are adding more when your business grows.

With G suite you can create a custom email in just a few clicks all you need is to verify that you are the owner of your ecommerce store.

G-suite comes with a 14-day trial.It comes with a 30GB Storage after the trial it’s $5 per user. the setup process is so easy.


Let dig into how to set up a custom email address with G suite.

Head over to and click get started. You will be asked with some basic information about your business and users.  

Step 1 -gsuite-setup-guide

You can add users here since you are testing you can skip by check the box and click next.

Gsuite-adding users

Now it will ask you to verify your domain.


There are two ways you can verify, you can add the meta tag to the header file or add an MX record(mail exchange record) to Cloudflare.

Step 7 -Cloudflare MX Record

You can Google MX record for G suite and add all  Gsuite records here is the link to the MX records for G suite.  

Next Step is to Verify your Domain, I always prefer the easiest way possible,

To verify your domain you will need to head over to WordPress Dashboard hover over to Appearance and then to the editor.

Most of the themes nowadays allow users to edit the theme. Search for header.php and add the code to the head section.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to do the tech stuff, you can use a plugin to do that,

On your WordPress dashboard head over to plugin, click add new and search for a Header and footer plugin, 


Copy the script that you grabbed from g suite set up and paste it on the header section of the plugin.Header and Footer Plugin

Once you have done that follow along with the process and verify your domain and setup email.


Now that you have got a custom email id you can start sending emails from your new g suite email address.

See it’s that simple. 

If you are familiar with using Gmail, G Suite works the same way give G Suite a try and I am sure you love it.


Let’s Learn How to create a custom email address with Zoho mail for free.

If you are a total beginner you can try gsuite, if you are techie I recommended you to signup with Zoho mail and that’s not too hard to set one.

Want to know the best part.

It’s free.

As a free user, Zoho gives you 5GB storage and you can create up to 25 users for free. Which is ok for a starter. Zoho also has a mobile app where you can manage on the go.

Head over to Zoho Mail (Not an Affiliate link).

Its signup process is straightforward.

Step 1- Zohomail

On the Homepage click on Business Email, you will be redirected to the plan page select free user and click get started.

Step 2-Select Plan

Fill in your domain name and your admin email id which you want to create and your working phone number as Zoho will send you a verification code to your mobile.

Once you have filled in the details click sign up. You will receive a verification code. grab that code and enter it there. Now click verify my mobile.

Now you will see a domain setup screen. Your domain should already be populated here. On the DNS hosting provider select others from the drop-down and then click TXT Method.

Step 3-Verify domain

I recommend setting a free Cloudflare account that you can manage every record in Cloudflare. If you have setup your DNS through Cloudflare or any other CDN login to your CDN account and update the TXT records. it’s almost the same with all the providers.

Step 5 -Cloudlfare TXT Record

Once you update click on proceed to TXT verification head over to Zoho and click next. you should get a pop-up to verify go ahead and click verify now.

Now create an email you would like to have it could be anything but I recommend you to create an email address [email protected] as your customer need to find your support email address to contact you.

Step 6 - Create your email

On the next step, you can add users. Zoho allows you to add up to 25 users so if you have a team go ahead and create an email address for them here.

Skip if you are not adding any users you can do that anytime.

Now Configure your MX records to start receiving email, In this case, I presume you use Cloudflare head over to Cloudflare and update your MX records which Zoho provided you in Cloudflare.

Step 7- MX records

Next Step is SPF and DKIM while you don’t need to get into detail about this step go ahead and update those records on Cloudflare.

Once you have done that next step is email migration if you have an existing email service apart from Zoho mail.

Next Step is to set up your POP and IMAP access where you can access your email from a local computer with an Email Client like Outlook.

Zoho restricts setting POP and IMAP access as a free user.

But, you can access through their mail client and on the browser only if you want to configure on outlook or any other email client you need to pick a paid plan.

However, Zoho Mail’s mobile app is great to send and receive emails.

As your Business grow you definitely go ahead and pick up a paid plan.

If you are a complete beginner if would advise you to stick with the free user until you explore Zoho mail completely.

So skip this step and move on to the next step download Zoho mail client for your mobile and start sending and receiving an email from your mobile.

Skip if you don’t want to download the Mobile App and access your workplace email.

Now access your Inbox from the Dashboard and sent a test email to your personal email.


Now that you have successfully configured your email address without any technical knowledge in just 10 simple steps.

Next time you want to change your email service provider take a backup of your emails, Head over to Cloudflare and update the New MX record restore your email backup to your new email client.

If for some reason you are not able to send or receive email it might be you might have updated the records incorrect one way to check that is through Enter your domain name and you should see Zoho’s MX record there,

Step 9- MX record Check

If you don’t find the records. delete and update again and you are good to go.

To Conclude

If you read so far, applaud yourself that you have learned how to create a custom email address on your own without any technical knowledge or any developers help.

Just follow step by step and you will have a custom email address created for your business in no time.

Now that you have created your biz email go ahead and start building your brand with your new email address.


You have to admit that it is pretty exciting.

Just a quick question have you tried creating a custom email address?

If you like this article and find it useful, share it with your friends and do subscribe to my free lessons for free updates.

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