About me

I began my interest blogging years back in 2010. I was amazed being non-specialized self where I comprehended that I delighted in the specialized parts of blogging much more than the composition part.

In the process of Failing a few online business I at long last discovered gold in the web based business space through Dropshipping Business Model in 2014 and that is the point at which I started educating others.

The out of the box life.

I would state the fair truth is the web has transformed us a lot. Our life would resemble heading off to a 9 to 5 job, living with obligation, Single man pay for a family. Presently, with the evolution of the Internet we love what we are doing.

The Best part,

you have adaptable timings to work, make more pay carry on with a way of life you need.

In 2011 I began a Blog which is loaded up with tips and traps on the most proficient method to fabricate a win blog and profit.

I likewise investigate current web-based social networking and other cool stuff like Growth hacking on the web which I found on the web and test that at my very own business. In the event that you’d get a kick out of the chance to know more, you can Join the Community

Who’s this site for?

This site is for the ones who want to live life differently and keep themselves busy.

It’s for the one who want an expensive taste but locked up without funds. It’s for the one who want to spend quality time with the family. It’s for the one who want to live life on their own terms but aren’t sure how to do and what to do or where to start their online journey.

If anything of the above sounds like you then you are on the right place.

I created eComtutorial with a mission to help and educate you build a online presence and marketing, While drop shipping can make you financially free if you do things right.

Some Facts about me

Hi I’m Mohamed Shykh

Founder of eComtutorial(dot)com, a Freelance Sales Consultant a passionate Digital Marketer and a Blogger.

  1. People Call me MO, but ill answer if you call me Mohamed Shykh too.
  2. I was always asked by people on how I make money Online.
  3. I was born in 1982. In India a southern part of Asia.
  4. I’m a Passionate Digital Marketer and I love to keep things updated and love to find new stuffs online.
  5. I am a Father of two daughters.
  6. I am a Mixed Martial Arts loves and like to watch UFC matches. don’t ask my favorite I have a lot.
  7. I worked for many Multi Nationals in the Middle East and Asia.
  8. I love Cars although I have driven many cars while I was in the Middle East but I would prefer 4 wheel drive.
  9. I have lived in 3 different Arab countries.
  10. I knew 3 different languages and I use English the most.
  11. I do exercise regularly, just bcoz I want to keep myself healthy but I also love being health conscious.
  12. I am Self motivated and always love to fail fast that I can climb up the ladder fast. I’m not sure why.
  13. I love paintings but all I had drawn is on the walls of my room with my daughters.
  14. I am from the Southern part of Asia so I m definitely an Engineer like most But I had an option to select Electricals- It happened when my dad saw my changing circuit breaker at my home…lol
  15. Italian Pasta especially lasagna are my favorite. no compromise on diet when having lasagna..Hmm Yummy.
  16. Like most Blue is my favorite color.
  17. I rarely watch TV. when babysitting I do watch TV.
  18. My friends seek me for financial advice and organizing things also I’m good at starting things without fear.
  19. I like reading, I try to read more at a minimum of one book in a week.
  20. I love travelling at the least a country a year- Maybe I should start a travel blog.
  21. I am constantly involved in learning web technologies and other digital marketing topics, While I am building my business I constantly travel across countries within the Middle East .